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I am willing to draw monsters and mecha, but I cannot make any promises in quality as they’re not my expertise.

Wont Draw•

Hate speech/propaganda. Any sexualization of underaged characters, human or otherwise.


Upfront using Paypal invoice
Or partial payment before sketch and full payment after sketch


Turn around time is typically 1-7 days.


Birdy boi#3513

google fourm

or inquire below

By commissioning me you agree to my TOS written below. (Custom terms and commercial rights are negotiable)
Please provide details of exactly what you want to commission, as well as any other forms of contact you prefer. I’ll promptly respond with a quote and request references and any needed details.
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•Terms and conditions•
Unless otherwise stated I, the artist, hold sole Copyright and ownership of the image produced. (Not the design or character)You as the commissioner hold any and all liability for the image created. I as the artist hold no responsibility for commissioned works. 

• You as the commissioner may;
1. Download, copy, and share the image in a non-public and non-profitable manner.
2. Share the image publicly in a non-profitable manner if accompanied with a direct link to my own active website or social media, unless otherwise stated or requested by me, the artist.
3. Privately print the image for personal non-profit use. You may not publicly or privately distribute multiple prints without given permission.
4. Request the image not be shared publicly or be associated with you.

• Without written permission you may not;
1. Edit, crop, or change the image.
2. Distribute the image in any physical way
3. Sell, market, or use the image in any way that may promote or bring profit. (this includes NFTs) Please contact me for commercial rights.Never remove or crop out the watermark or signature.

• I, The artist retain the right to;
1. Refuse to take the commission without explanation or warning.
2. Refuse refund after the draft or sketch has been made. (However, I am willing to negotiate a percentage refund depending on how much work is completed but I retain the right to refuse)
3. Request the image not be shared publicly.
4. Withdraw any right previously given at any time.
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