• Will Draw •

Humanoids, Furries, Ferals/Animals, objects and weapons, Backgrounds, mech and more!

Wont Draw •

Hate speech/propaganda. Any sexualization of underage characters, human or otherwise.

•Progress updates•

Will be sent directly via given contact information. I will continue the next stage of the commission after either approval/acknowledgement of the progress is given with no corrections stated. If no response is given within 48 hours (48 first contact 24 every contact attempt thereafter) I will continue the commission. Turn around time is based on excluding client response time.
Progress updates are typically provided in the stages of: Sketch/Draft, Lineart, Finished


Contact me for NSFW commissions (adult clients only!)

•Turn around time•

Typically 1-7 days.


Revisions and changes are subject to my approval, anything more then minor(<15 minutes total work time) changes or error on my part may be subject to a revision fee.
50/50 payment is negotiable, contact me directly.
I can also do animations comics, and more. If you have unlisted or complex illustration needs, contact me directly for a quote!


Paypal invoice, Square invoice(accepts card), Cashapp,

Or any accepted payment if you make a commission order through my square store!


No refunds once work on the commission has started.

Canceled orders are subject to a negotiable partial refund under my discretion.

•Designs, Rights and Terms of service•

Custom designs are no extra cost however use of the designs is limited to personal non commercial use

I maintain full copyright of any designs and and/or commissioned images, (copyright/trademark rights are subject to a licensing fee), contact me directly for commercial designs/illustrations and said rights agreement.

Otherwise, without said agreement-

-You have the right to download, copy, and share commissioned images and designs in a private, non-public and non-profitable manor

-You have the right to share commissioned images publicly in a nonprofitable manor on the condition it is accompanied by credit to me using either my tag/username( 'BirdyBoiWonder' Or 'Birdy Boi Wonder') or (preferably) my link (BirdyBoi.com)

-You have the the right to recreate and copy designs and share the new images in a non profitable manor without credit unless the context or location said image is shared would imply ownership of design, copyright, or creation.

-You may print or manufacture personal goods with commissioned designs or images in limited quantities intended only for private/personal use.

-You can NOT manufacture or print said designs or commissions to distribute or sell.

-You can NOT sell commissioned designs or images.

-You can NOT claim ownership of designs or images.

-You can NOT use any commissioned images or designs for profit, advertising, propaganda, or any use I would deem 'immoral'. This includes but is not limited to: hate speech, slander, and harmful propaganda

-These terms are to protect me as the artist, you have the right to contact me and negotiate or question these terms.

By commissioning me you agree to this or our personally agreed upon terms of services and rights listed.




Order from Square Store

I may also be contacted on discord, Twitter or instagram, however social media notifications can be fickle. If I do not respond within 24 hours, feel free to contact me again through an alternative platform!

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